Apple to launch five iPhones in 2020, iPhone without ports in 2021

Apple to launch five iPhones in 2020, iPhone without ports in 2021
Apple is preparing an extensive range of iPhones that’ll be introduced next year, and today analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released his newest predictions about the lineup in addition to some early information about Apple’s plans for 2021.

Five models next year, including the iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 12 Plus

Apple has released three iPhones every year since 2017 and next year was initially expected to be no different. However, reports emerged earlier this year about a potential iPhone SE2 and earlier this week there were whispers about a potential fifth model. Following Ming-Chi Kuo's latest research note, here's what's expected:

  • iPhone SE2: This phone will act as a spiritual successor to the original iPhone SE but will, in fact, be based upon the newer iPhone 8. It’ll pair a 4.7-inch LCD display with a single rear camera and modern internal components borrowed from the iPhone 11. Pricing is yet to be confirmed but it should instantly become the cheapest iPhone when it hits shelves in March.
  • iPhone 12 Pro: As the name indicates, this 5G-ready phone will replace the iPhone 11 Pro. Ming-Chi Kuo believes it’ll pair a triple-camera setup with a new Time-of-Flight sensor and a larger 6.1-inch OLED display.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: This version will feature the same internal components as the standard iPhone 12 Pro paired with a new 6.7-inch display instead of the 6.5-inch panel that Apple currently uses.
  • iPhone 12 Plus/Max: The model’s naming is yet to be confirmed but it’ll act as the replacement for this year’s iPhone 11. Kuo expects Apple to stick to a dual-camera setup once again, with the main upgrades being the introduction of an OLED display and 5G network support.
  • iPhone 12: To cater towards customers looking for a compact smartphone that’s still powerful, Apple is reportedly developing a 5.4-inch iPhone that will be no different to the iPhone 12 Plus when it comes to specifications.

The analyst in question says the iPhone 12 series will be “similar to the iPhone 4” externally and incorporate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 modem.

The iPhone SE 2 Plus and a portless iPhone Pro are on track for 2021

Entering 2021, it seems Apple will continue with its strategy of releasing five iPhones per year. Ming-Chi Kuo believes the Cupertino-based giant will launch a so-called iPhone SE 2 Plus early on in the year that’ll feature an all-screen design.

Considering the standard iPhone 12 is expected to switch over to OLED next September and adopt the existing iPhone 11 Pro front panel design, the iPhone SE 2 Plus will probably look a lot like the regular iPhone 11. However, some changes are on the way. 

It is believed the smartphone will feature either a 5.5-inch or 6.1-inch display that’s paired with Touch ID rather than Face ID. Apple is apparently aiming to integrate the former into the smartphone’s side-mounted power button, which also means the notch will be significantly smaller. 

The end of 2021 should be dominated by Apple’s usual lineup of iPhones, in this case the standard iPhone 13 and the premium iPhone 13 Pro. But according to Kuo, a massive change is currently in the works for the “highest-end model” that reportedly involves removing the controversial Lightning port in the hope of providing a “completely wireless experience.” This means the resulting phone will have absolutely no ports and could suggest Apple is planning to skip the highly anticipated USB-C iPhone entirely.


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