The best dual SIM phones

The best dual SIM phones
Phones that can maintain two carrier network connections at once have been around for a while, lurking on the outskirts of mass adoption anywhere but in emerging markets, where those are very, very popular. If you want to take advantage of two good carrier plans at once, use one number for family and friends and another for work, or simply can't resist that great new data plan, but your contract still has mileage left in it, a decent dual SIM phone might come to the rescue.

Nowadays, we get to have dual SIM devices that are as good as market flagships. In fact, we are getting those same flagships outfitted with two SIM card slots, and have the proliferation of Android handsets in dual SIM havens like China and India to thank for that.

There's never been such a choice of dual SIM phones that are actually up for anything you'd use a modern handset for, or such great value-for-money offerings that can connect to more than one cellular network/plan at once. 

That is why we are rounding up the best dual SIM handsets money can buy this season, for the times when one Subscriber Identity Module just won't cut it. Yep, this time around Apple's iPhones are also in the mix with their virtual eSIM modules. Check'em out.

Best flagship dual SIM phones

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 DS

There's barely anything with more value for the price you can get from Samsung than the 2019 Galaxy Note 10, with its more refined Infinity Display Premium Hole design (yep, that's how it's called) that is the ultimate in screen-to-body ratio, and didn't have to resort to one ungodly notch to do that. Dual SIM model? You bet, and it doesn't even cost much more than the standard one.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Max

Perhaps the most overlooked feature of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is their Dual SIM Dual Standby abilities that Apple debuted with their predecessors, after 10 years of deliberation. There have been millions of users, especially in Asia or Europe, carrying an iPhone plus another phone, just because Apple was saving this option for some future "S" year. With major US carriers unleashing the eSIM support, the iPhones' dual SIM option is not only for globetrotters.

Huawei P30 Pro

All Chinese flagships are dual SIM phones, but the Huawei P30 Pro is a phone that stands out with 5x periscope camera zoom, a spacious waterfall display, and record for the category battery life thanks to the combo of large capacity unit, 7nm chipset, and 1080p display. Best of all - it's the last Huawei flagship that comes with a full suite of Google services - a low bar, we know.

Best value-for-money dual SIM phones

OnePlus 7T 

While OnePlus no longer sells its phone near cost, it's still a better value-for-money proposition than the three top dog brands above that you can actually find on US carriers. While the OnePlus 7T camera quality still has to catch up to them all, the rest of the package more than makes up for it. 

Priced at just $600 on T-Mobile, it outperforms more expensive Android rivals with a smoother, 90-hertz display that also happens to look great and an incredibly well optimized interface that runs fast. Its battery life is also solid. The only thing that is not quite flagship grade is the camera.

Apple iPhone 11

With a midrange price bordering on $700, and an HD+ display resolution, the iPhone 11 is not exactly value-for-money when it comes to specs, but it's the entry to the Apple universe for those on the iOS bandwagon, offering premium glass design, jolly palette of colors, excellent camera, and a good battery life.

LG G8X ThinQ

Available in a dual SIM version, the G8X in itself might not be the most revolutionary LG phone, but it does come with a dual-screen accessory that turns it into an interesting alternative to foldable phones without the endurance problems. Speaking of endurance, we found battery life from the 4,000mAh pack to be "shockingly" good, and the camera samples turned out very well, too. It's more expensive than the iPhone 11 at the moment, but, knowing how these things turn out, that shouldn't last long, .

Best budget dual SIM phones

Motorola One Zoom

With the fresh One series, Motorola brings something for everyone. The Zoom moniker indicates a strong camera game, and the phone delivers. It looks cool, it’s solidly built, its display is OK, and its camera can pull off some really good shots for its class. At a starting price of $450, and on-sale tag of $360, it’s a very, very solid budget option with hybrid SIM card tray that can also house microSD cards.

Google Pixel 3a

You don't get much more budget than sub-$300, and that's where Google's Pixel 3a often stands. While not the coolest looking phone, its unapologetically plastic design is a rare durable sight these days, and the camera takes the best pictures in its class. Add a good battery life and fast software updates, and the budget Pixel wears its specs and price with pride.

Moreover, in typical Google fashion, the company announced that the astrophotography and improved Night camera features are coming to older Pixel models as well, including its affordable darling here. Just like on the iPhone 11 series, the dual SIM functionality comes courtesy of a handy virtual eSIM module.


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